7 more tips for keeping students on task while using technology

One fear of teachers with increased use of technology in the classroom is that students do not stay on-task or time is wasted. For some this can be used as an excuse not to engage with technology and avoid its use. In schools that have 1 to 1 device programs, a recurring theme that maybe […]

Avoiding “Just Google it!” with your students

In a recent staff meeting we kicked off our first professional development season, which focuses on learning engagements. One aim of the plenary was to begin to get teachers thinking about how they use technology in the classroom. The cartoon clip below was used as a conversation starter to get teachers to think about how […]

Giving our full attention in meetings and dealing with our craving to multitask

In a recent post, I discussed how protocols are so often difficult to achieve between adults, yet at the same time we know that by following them they would lead to more productive relationships and a better operating school team. In recent weeks I have found some success in meetings both with large and small […]

5 Great Presentation Tools for Educators

A demanding aspect of being an educational leader is having to give frequent presentations to a variety of audiences. Many of us received no formal training in how to present to audiences and much of what we do has been learned on the job. Good and effective use of technology can help make a good […]

Balancing the demands of instructional leadership

I think most educational leaders would agree that being an instructional leader is an essential part of one’s leadership style. The ability to lead teachers through professional development, be able to undertake classroom drop-ins and give teachers feedback, whilst also being able to keep everyone updated on the latest trends in education are all important […]

Perfection versus Excellence

One of the pitfalls of being an educational leader is that we strive for perfection in everything that we do. I believe a great deal of this comes from the fact that we want to do our very best for the students and that they deserve the very best. This means that we will go […]

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