A demanding aspect of being an educational leader is having to give frequent presentations to a variety of audiences. Many of us received no formal training in how to present to audiences and much of what we do has been learned on the job. Good and effective use of technology can help make a good presentation great. Many of the best presenters have looked to what other great presenters do for guidance in shaping their own presentation style. The video below gives some really useful tips for presenting based on observations of the late Steve Jobs.

While we look to others for tips on developing our presentation style, it important that our own personality shines through and we make our own mark with those to whom we are presenting.

Part of our presentation style is shaped by the technology tools that we use. There are several options available to us and using the same medium all of the time can become predictable and boring, even more so if we do not make full use of the tool that we are using. It can also be a bit of fun making a creative presentation, as we make time to develop our own skills in using a particular application.

Below I have provided videos that showcase five different presentation applications, other than Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote that I think are quite fun to explore and use. Choose a few to look at and then give one of them a try. You will be surprised at what you can do; you might even re-discover that feeling students get when their teacher asks them to do something a little more differently and explore their creative side.




Adobe Voice


Haiku Deck