2011/365/49 Learning is Here

For educational leaders and teachers, being a lifelong learner is not an option. For education to progress and improve, we are all challenged with learning new skills, applying new theory and creating new learning engagements for our students.

Too often, I hear the words “but I do not have the time.” That is not true, if it is important enough you make time. With just a little effort each day or each week we can learn new things that either make us more productive in our school or allow us to create new opportunities to enhance student learning.

Oftentimes, struggling teachers are also those that have not taken the time nor the effort to develop their skills. This is particularly evident with the use of technology. With a bit of application it is easy to improve one’s use of technology either to improve our own efficacy or to integrate the use of devices and applications that create more relevant learning opportunities.

Teachers who read about their craft, update their skills and take risks with the provision of new learning opportunities are those teachers most admired by their peers and their students.

If we are not lifelong learners, then how can we expect that of our students?

photo credit: cogdogblog via photopin cc