Online collaboration – there is no try, just do

It has been 12 months since I made a commitment to get involved in online collaboration and sharing knowledge and resources with other educators and leaders from around the world. This stemmed from a workshop that I attended at the ASCD Annual Conference in Los Angeles. I went away with a feeling of being “compelled […]

Can Google’s 80/20 rule work for schools?

I recently had a short conversation about innovation in schools and the constraints that may be placed on teachers preventing much needed new learning and innovation. A point was made about schools taking the approach of Google with their 80/20 rule and setting aside time for teachers to be creative in areas where they are […]

“I was not consulted.” Why is consultation so misunderstood in schools?

Last week I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts on consultation in schools, why it is so often misunderstood and what school leaders can do to lead and facilitate a better consultative process. My thanks go to Justin Baeder for inviting me on his Principal Center Radio Show. To listen to to our […]

Support with large assessments one step at a time

This is nothing new – the way in which teachers guide and facilitate student navigation through a range of tasks at school is pivotal to student success. So why post about something we already know? In looking at a number of senior students over the past few months who are struggling to complete their programs […]

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