Quick tip: Use checklists to empower students and give them feedback

When it comes to discussing formative assessment, despite understanding its need and purpose, teachers are often challenged by there not being enough time to use formative assessment to give students meaningful feedback. Checklists are an excellent tool to use with students of all ages to give effective feedback in the classroom. Checklists can be used […]

The challenge of being responsible when things may not be your fault

When leaders move to a new school or receive an internal promotion invariably we encounter problems to solve that instantly become our responsibility yet these problems may not be of our own making. As a result, we can be very quickly associated with the problem and needing to solve it. This is a really tough […]

What can happen when school leaders commit to courageous decisions and feedback?

What will happen? How will they react? How will I be viewed? These are some of the questions that will go through the minds of school leaders when faced with making courageous decisions, or engaging in difficult conversations where feedback needs to be given to a colleague. There is a genuine sense of fear, which […]

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