Making change starts with “Why?”

All leaders are trying to create change to improve their schools, but so often the fundamental point of the change is missing, which leads to so many change efforts falling by the wayside. Every change that is made, even the smallest ones, should be accompanied by an explanation of why the change is taking place. […]

The Bank Balance and Staff Morale

With schools being busy and it feeling like the only constant is change, educational leaders, are always finding that they are making many requests of teachers and support staff. While many of the changes in schools are externally driven there are also many internally directed changes that add to everyone’s workload. Leaders need to be […]

Three simple tips to improve relationships in your school

One of my favourite educational articles is titled ‘Improving Relationships in the Schoolhouse’ by Roland Barth. I find I am constantly referring back to Barth’s words when coaching school leaders and trying to improve school culture. Barth categorizes staff relationships in schools broadly but quite neatly and points us in the direction of striving for […]

Compelled to share

Welcome to the Ed Leader blog. It’s taken me a while, so there is a lot of catching up to do but it is worth sharing why I am compelled to get started with this. I believe that education requires collaboration and the sharing of resources, information and ideas all assist in making our schools […]

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