What can educators learn from the Brazillian shock?

Less than 24 hours after witnessing one of the biggest shocks in football history, pundits, fans and the everyday person are dissecting what went so wrong for Brazil. While I do not profess to be the foremost expert on football, it was very clear last night that there were too problems for Brazil that together […]

The importance of professional reading

Wanting students to be lifelong learners is a common response given by teachers when discussing what they want their students to be or what they would like students to get out of their schooling. Agreed, it is an admirable goal, though an important question should be asked: How many teachers or educational leaders actually engage, […]

Students need teacher heroes and teachers need leader heroes

It has been good to reflect on a keynote from Dr Russell Quaglia about student aspirations. One of key points that I took away was that our students need to have both confidence and belief. This oftentimes comes from the teachers in their lives who inspire students to achieve great things. Many teachers are heroes […]

Focusing on ‘the right work’, setting goals and the issue of time

One of the best things about being an educator is that there is a large degree of independence. When teaching, it is just you and the students shut off from distractions for that precious amount of time that we have with them. Similarly, when we are not teaching a fair chunk of our time is […]

Challenge yourself to make a difference; do things differently

Having read an interesting article this week about not being a boring teacher, I think a huge amount can be gained by us examining the way we do things either as educational leaders and / or as teachers. What strikes me is that so often I hear teachers say that that students must challenge themselves […]

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