Students have to own their goals

The best improvements come in small, incremental steps, what Sir Dave Brailsford from the Team Sky professional cycling team calls a “marginal gains approach’. More importantly goals need to be driven by the student. What does the student want to achieving in the long-term? What does that mean for the medium-term? So, no apply short-term... Continue Reading →

10 ways that teachers can support students with academic honesty

Last week I wrote about the need to support students with academic honesty in their studies and explained some of the reasons why students may engage in academic malpractice. Solely having a rulebook, punitive approach to dealing with academic malpractice is not supportive of students in developing the important habits associated with academic honesty. School... Continue Reading →

Achieving student academic honesty starts with understanding the problem

As students move upwards through the secondary school one could argue that the academic achievement stakes become higher with students and parents eagerly seeking placement at a good college / university. Subsequently, there is significant interest in students achieving the highest marks possible. The media has given much exposure to security breaches surrounding the SAT,... Continue Reading →

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