A downside of setting student academic results targets in schools

When I reflect on the positives of working in my current school and share my thoughts with colleagues from other schools, they are often amazed when I tell them that we do not set specific targets for student results. Our school does not have a specific average score that it needs to achieve from IB […]

You can’t lead where you won’t go

I refer back to the article, Improving Relationships in the Schoolhouse, quite often when considering the work we need to do as school leaders. The article, by Roland Barth, serves a constant reminder that the our biggest challenge as school leaders is to bring out the “nondiscussables” if we wish to see healthy collaborative cultures […]

Leading with Empathy in Schools

One of the things I encourage teachers to do when they consider the impact of their actions on student learning is to look at themselves through the eyes of the student. This can make all the difference in changing practice and improving learning outcomes for students. In many ways, it is part of a shift […]

Leading with sustainability in mind

Here’s an interesting question. As an educational leader, if you were to be away from your school for one day, a few days, a week, a month, or longer, how would your school cope? Perhaps we consider the shorter periods of absence and make plans just before we leave for a conference or other school […]

A fire-fighting approach to solving problems in schools

ed to Tackling issues and problems in schools is an endless task, so much so that if leaders are not careful, it can completely drain you of your energy. A lot of problems in schools are highly complex in nature and take significant amounts of time to figure out and work through. As we begin […]

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