Get used to not pleasing everyone

As hard as we may work in our roles as educational leaders, to some it will not be enough. We will make 1000's of decisions, some are popular and some maybe less so. Certain parts of our job we may have no control over, yet the buck may stop with us. We may endeavour to... Continue Reading →

You can’t lead where you won’t go

I refer back to the article, Improving Relationships in the Schoolhouse, quite often when considering the work we need to do as school leaders. The article, by Roland Barth, serves a constant reminder that the our biggest challenge as school leaders is to bring out the "nondiscussables" if we wish to see healthy collaborative cultures... Continue Reading →

Leading with Empathy in Schools

One of the things I encourage teachers to do when they consider the impact of their actions on student learning is to look at themselves through the eyes of the student. This can make all the difference in changing practice and improving learning outcomes for students. In many ways, it is part of a shift... Continue Reading →

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