Summative Assessment Workshop

Session 1 – The case for improving our support of students with summative assessment

Summative Assessment – Session 1

Session 2 – Setting clear expectations

The case for and against using exemplars to support students with assessment tasks

White space in layout and its influence in communication

Can you improve the linked assessment task, or choose one of your own? Assessment 3 – Undertaking Research

Summative Assessment – Session 2

Session 3 – Supporting students with what to write and say

This is a great resource for supporting students with strategies for introduction writing – Hooks and Attention Grabbers

One of the best sites that I have seen to support academic writing form Manchester University

Sharing ideas for graphic organisers

Reflective Writing Vocabulary Aid


Made with Padlet


Summative Assessment – Session 3

Session 4 – Tranferrable Research Skills

Supporting students in their approach to organising and taking notes

Version control of documents

A learning secret: Don’t take notes with a laptop

Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away

Should Students Take Notes on a Computer?

Arguments for Note Taking With Technology

How Teens Do Research in the Digital World

International Fact-Checking Day

Explainer video of the Cornell Notetaking method:

Environmental adaptations of the desert tortoise

Reproducible T-chart for notetaking

Taking notes from Texts – from the University of Melbourne

10 Creative Ways to Use Sketchnotes in Your Classroom

Tree octopus

Session 5 – Supporting the Presentation of Written Work

Purdue University formatting-checklist

Summative Assessment – Session 5

Session 6 – Supporting the Presentation of Oral Work

Whys and Hows for assigning an oral presentation

Summative Assessment – Session 6

Session 7 – Student Self-Assessment and Peer-Assessment

Student Self-assessment

Summative Assessment – Session 7

Session 8 – Effective Feedback to support student wellbeing

Good or Bad Feedback Examples

Summative Assessment – Session 8

Workshop reflections


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