7 tips for having that difficult teacher conversation?

Schools, despite being the most wonderful places to work,  can also be frustrating and painful places to be at times. School leaders are charged with the responsibility of instilling the highest level of professionalism in their colleagues. Unfortunately, it is a undeniable fact that some teachers do a better job than others. The differences that […]

Leading with “You” in mind

I like tapping into posts from Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell, who puts together some excellent posts about leadership for us to consider. A post titled – ‘Tapping the power of “For you”‘ caught my attention and got me thinking further about how we, as leaders, use the word, ‘You’, in our schools. Considering my previous […]

Do you assume good intentions when things go wrong?

Schools can be stressful places, they can lead to tension and conflict between staff members that can negatively impact on the culture of the school and the morale of those committed to supporting its students. High expectations are placed upon us and we also have high expectations of ourselves. Most of us are committed to […]

Some ways to solve the school policy problem

To run effectively, schools require policies, guidelines and procedures. They are important to give schools points of reference from which to operate and ensure that everyone in the organisation is on the same page. Every school that I know has some form of staff handbook; a manual for staff that usually provides details of the […]

Get more out of professional development by focusing on deliverables

  Many schools do a great job in giving teachers access to professional development. Some school have the teacher professional development calendar all planned out prior to the commencement of the school year and align teacher growth with the needs of the school and teacher goals. In other schools teachers are asked about what they […]

Why we need to pay attention to developing teacher efficacy

One of the greatest aspects of teaching is that there is a fair bit of freedom for teachers to choose their avenues for professional growth. With the increased availability of information there is greater opportunity for teachers to engage in their own DIY professional development in addition to attending online and offline workshops and conferences. […]

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