Leading with “You” in mind

I like tapping into posts from Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell, who puts together some excellent posts about leadership for us to consider. A post titled - 'Tapping the power of "For you"' caught my attention and got me thinking further about how we, as leaders, use the word, 'You', in our schools. Considering my previous... Continue Reading →

Why we need to pay attention to developing teacher efficacy

One of the greatest aspects of teaching is that there is a fair bit of freedom for teachers to choose their avenues for professional growth. With the increased availability of information there is greater opportunity for teachers to engage in their own DIY professional development in addition to attending online and offline workshops and conferences.... Continue Reading →

Should we declare our goals?

Goal setting is an activity that many teachers undertake with their students and through my own experience often results in mixed success. One of the problems is that the goals are too vague and the steps to achieve them are not planned out. Even following the SMART Goal formula, results vary. Some teachers that I... Continue Reading →

Stop passing the buck

  Every school has students that we are concerned about. Good schools have care and concern for student well-being at the top of its educational priorities. The best teachers are no different in this regard either, they will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they help students make the most from their opportunity to... Continue Reading →

How seriously should we take PISA?

While taking my summer holiday visiting my parents back in the UK, an article in the local paper got my attention. The school where I studied as a teenager had just been selected to become a hub for the Shanghai Masterclass. Looking into this a bit further, the UK are planning to bring a large... Continue Reading →

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