Towards a ‘Slower Ed’ movement – when to move fast and when to move slow?

School leaders receive many suggestions from other leaders, teachers and support staff for what can be improved in their school. In some instances, people are taking action themselves, often on their own, as they try to ‘fix’ things and make our schools ‘better’. Invariably, despite so many good ideas, intentions and initiatives, schools are oftentimes […]

If you opt out of education leadership, please do not throw rocks from the sidelines

The education revolution, so much has been said about what needs to change: we must have more flexible school structures, we must change learning spaces, learning should become more personalized and accomplished to name a few of the things being called for by so many. As school leaders, at times, we can feel that we […]

Leading with sustainability in mind

Here’s an interesting question. As an educational leader, if you were to be away from your school for one day, a few days, a week, a month, or longer, how would your school cope? Perhaps we consider the shorter periods of absence and make plans just before we leave for a conference or other school […]

Leading change – what are your hopes and fears?

A challenging part of leading change is overcoming inertia and resistance that may prevent the change from going anywhere and a retaining of the status quo. Sometimes change agents are surprised when tension develops and people do not wish to go with the desired flow or direction. It takes an investment of time from the […]

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Change is constant, we know that, but it is something that all leaders struggle with at times, especially if you’re leading it. A lot of change falls over. Nitin Nohria and Michael Beer write in their article, Cracking the Code of Change: “The brutal fact is that about 70% of all change initiatives fail.” This […]

So, what did you learn in the last school year?

As many schools, in the northern hemisphere anyway, begin to prepare for a new school year, much discussion is given to planning and setting goals to be achieved. Significant time is spent in team meetings, energised by having had a break and enthused about what we can do to make our schools better this coming […]

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