Why the best laid plans in schools fail – Part 3

Planning school improvement is a time consuming process, it can take months or, in some cases up to a year. Yet despite the time commitment invested and the development of, what we may think, is a carefully constructed plan, there may still be some shortcomings. One flaw that is common to many school improvement / […]

“I was not consulted.” Why is consultation so misunderstood in schools?

Last week I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts on consultation in schools, why it is so often misunderstood and what school leaders can do to lead and facilitate a better consultative process. My thanks go to Justin Baeder for inviting me on his Principal Center Radio Show. To listen to to our […]

3 simple ways to involve the ‘quiet people’ in educational conversation in your school

A significant challenge for those leading collaborative teams in schools is getting all team members to contribute. Discussion and conversation, in particular, can be dominated by a few without input from the ‘quiet people’. This does not bode well when it comes to decision-making when we are seeking to try to build consensus or ensure […]

Why school leaders must explain consultation

When decisions get made in schools, it can be quite commonplace to hear the following words in the staff room, “I / we were not consulted.” Speaking to a school leader about the same decision, I am likely to hear these words, “I consulted and met with staff about this proposal.” So, where’s the truth […]

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