Understanding ripple effects and viewing the table from all angles leads to better decision-making in schools

Schools are complex working environments and leading change in schools is far from a straightforward process. Yet, where possible, we look to simplify things, as we form mental models, classify and categorize, and aim to be both effective and efficient. Sometimes, investing the time and resources to gaining a deeper and greater understanding of something... Continue Reading →

Oh no! not another school survey

A large number of schools use teacher surveys for different reasons during a school year. To some teachers on the receiving end, it can feel like there are a lot of surveys to complete. Requests to complete surveys do not solely come from within the school, with education bodies, education researchers and conference and workshop... Continue Reading →

Leading with Empathy in Schools

One of the things I encourage teachers to do when they consider the impact of their actions on student learning is to look at themselves through the eyes of the student. This can make all the difference in changing practice and improving learning outcomes for students. In many ways, it is part of a shift... Continue Reading →

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