Being an experienced educator does not necessarily mean expert

In many education systems the teacher pay scale is linked to experience; the more years that you have taught, the more you are paid. Similarly, when applying for school leadership positions, it is possible to come across the statement: “Salary to be determined based on the suitable candidate’s experience.” I am not quite sure what […]

I should teach it, they should learn it, case closed

I never grow tired of watching the TED talk by Rita Pierson ‘Every Kid Needs a Champion’. It is both inspiring and compelling – it capture the essence of why so many of us want to work with our students. When I first showed this video in a workshop that I was leading, it revealed […]

Inquire first before jumping into action

There are lots of things that we would like to improve in our schools. At times, being an educational leader feels like being in a whirlwind of change; there is never any let up, as school improvement occurs at a relentlessly fast pace. Despite what can be seen as a manic level of effort, a […]

To change school culture – tackle the hard stuff

There are a lot of so-called good schools but how many of them are really great schools and really typify the type of learning and success that we wish to see for our students? How much of what goes on in your school is as much by chance than by design? How much better do […]

Three great podcast series’ for education leaders

Podcasts have been around for some time now but they have developed and matured. The early experimentation with podcasts has now been overtaken with some serious commitment to using this medium to share valuable information with educators. In the last year I have found podcasts to be a really great source of learning and entertainment, […]

Does class size really matter?

Class size is frequently a topic for discussion by administrators and teachers. Even when we end up in a school that has lower class size averages compared to other schools, the class size issue does not always appear to go away; we perhaps do not recognize it when conditions are good. So, why is there […]

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