Quick tip: Use checklists to empower students and give them feedback

When it comes to discussing formative assessment, despite understanding its need and purpose, teachers are often challenged by there not being enough time to use formative assessment to give students meaningful feedback. Checklists are an excellent tool to use with students of all ages to give effective feedback in the classroom. Checklists can be used […]

What can happen when school leaders commit to courageous decisions and feedback?

What will happen? How will they react? How will I be viewed? These are some of the questions that will go through the minds of school leaders when faced with making courageous decisions, or engaging in difficult conversations where feedback needs to be given to a colleague. There is a genuine sense of fear, which […]

When teachers and school leaders struggle with feedback

Most of us have been there, that moment when we do not appreciate the feedback and comments regarding our work. Feedback, even if it is meant to be constructive and focused on improvement, can be really tough to take at times. Develop a thick skin, we may have been told. As much as we can […]

3 ways for keeping parents informed and involved in our schools

Ask teachers about how they feel about the parents in their school community and responses will probably be wide-ranging. We have heard of the ‘helicopter’ parents, the ‘tiger moms’ and those parents who make life for teachers, well, inconvenient. On the other hand, some teachers feel that a number of parents are not interested, have […]

Recruiting the ‘Tweeners – why staff induction programs matter

Bringing new teachers and support staff into a school can give the energy boost it needs, or maintain the momentum of positive change that may have been built up over time. This is why induction programs matter so much. Anthony Muhammad in his book, Transforming School Culture, identifies four groups of people within a school, […]

Feedback that pops the bubble – overcoming the deflector shield

One of the obstacles educational leaders face when giving colleagues feedback is deflection. Over the years, through numerous conversations with educators centering on giving and receiving feedback, this issue of deflection often gets in the way of moving forward. Take the following example. Over several weeks a school leader received numerous complaints about the way […]

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