3 simple ways to involve the ‘quiet people’ in educational conversation in your school

A significant challenge for those leading collaborative teams in schools is getting all team members to contribute. Discussion and conversation, in particular, can be dominated by a few without input from the 'quiet people'. This does not bode well when it comes to decision-making when we are seeking to try to build consensus or ensure... Continue Reading →

The best teachers are lifelong learners

For educational leaders and teachers, being a lifelong learner is not an option. For education to progress and improve, we are all challenged with learning new skills, applying new theory and creating new learning engagements for our students. Too often, I hear the words "but I do not have the time." That is not true,... Continue Reading →

What makes a great teacher?

I just stumbled across this blog post about the visual anatomy of a great teacher and it got me thinking back to the first day of my teaching practicum, where my supervisor handed me a list of 10 things about being a great teacher. I no longer have the list but I remember of of... Continue Reading →

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