How do great educators stand out from the crowd?

There are some traits that I believe stand out above all in great educators and school leaders. These traits typify the ideal of having educators that are lifelong learners striving to be the very best that they can be and making a positive difference to students and the school community at large. Reflective, Student-Centered Educators […]

Leading schools that allow teachers to become the teacher they are capable of becoming

In order to have teachers and leaders spend quality discussion time that centers on improving student learning, a number of pre-conditions have to be met. Each individual teacher is different and therefore a variety of needs may need to satisfied by school leaders in order for teachers to engage in the in the types of […]

Three simple ways to help teachers be more productive with technology

Most teachers that I meet want to incorporate technology to support and enhance student learning. One conversation particularly stuck in my mind when the teacher said: “Yes, I would like to have my students be more creative with technology, I only wish I knew how to use it [technology] better myself.” A number of teachers […]

Strengthening your team leaders by allowing deliberate mistakes

Back in 2006 I came across an article in the Harvard Business Review about ‘The Wisdom of Deliberate Mistakes’. Initially, I was pushed towards finding out more about the this term deliberate mistake by my wife who at the time said to me something along the lines of, “sometimes you have got to let your […]

3 simple ways to involve the ‘quiet people’ in educational conversation in your school

A significant challenge for those leading collaborative teams in schools is getting all team members to contribute. Discussion and conversation, in particular, can be dominated by a few without input from the ‘quiet people’. This does not bode well when it comes to decision-making when we are seeking to try to build consensus or ensure […]

Overcoming cynicism and distrust in your school

Cynicism and distrust amongst the teaching body in a school can negatively influence a school’s culture. When dealing with the cynics and the doubters, trying to establish their reasons for acting this way is a good place to start. Teachers who may lack confidence in their school leaders may do so from their own insecurity […]

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