Are we working too hard in schools to have it all?

With an increase in findings from education research, more education books that tell us about what we should be doing in schools alongside so many professional learning opportunities, it is worth considering, where do we start with change in our schools? Certainly, the context of our schools, what is going well and what students need […]

Does our use of possessive adjectives in schools make us less collaborative?

You have heard the saying before: “There is no ‘I’ in team but there is ‘M’ and ‘E’.” I often observe interactions between leaders in schools and teachers. I watch the body language and I listen to the words used and the tone in which they are spoken. The relationship between school leaders and teachers […]

Opening doors for students to decide what they learn about in your classroom

Finding our passion and what we are genuinely interested in is not easy. During my days at school, I received very little choice in the education that I was given. Beyond having the choice to study different subjects in Grades 9 to 12, all my school friends and I pretty much had the same education. […]

Is education really broken?

I recently viewed a TEDx talk titled ‘The surprising truth about learning in schools’. Other than the talk having an eye-catching title, there was nothing really surprising about it, as I think Will Richardson hits on a number of things that have been said before by other researchers. Of course, the talk is a timely […]

4 concerns with applying education research in schools and how to address them

One of the great concerns of some teachers is school leaders going to conferences. Concerns may be aired as, “what are they [the leader] going to bring back this time for us to do.” Another concern may be of the school leader who likes to read books about education in their summer vacation. Again, concerned […]

3 ways to make assessment feedback more useful for your students

A lot of effort can often be given by teachers in providing students with a significant amount of feedback following the completion of a task. In a number of cases, this feedback is not particularly useful to the student, particularly if they are moving onto a new unit or topic once the task is ‘done’. […]

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