Changing school culture – Push too far, then face the kick back

When new leaders are appointed to their various roles in schools, they are often eager to make change, to help the school improve and move forward. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make change but how one goes about it is crucial to its success and the impact change will have on the school […]

Decision-making in schools requires being in touch with your community

Media attention in Australia recently focused on the actions of the school leadership in an exclusive private boys’ school in Melbourne. Reading the reports with some interest, there is a key takeaway from this event and that is, a school’s leadership team need to be in touch with the community when decisions are made. Regardless […]

Are we working too hard in schools to have it all?

With an increase in findings from education research, more education books that tell us about what we should be doing in schools alongside so many professional learning opportunities, it is worth considering, where do we start with change in our schools? Certainly, the context of our schools, what is going well and what students need […]

Stop! Before proceeding, consider whether you are playing with a full team

As many schools in the northern hemisphere are busy preparing for the forthcoming new academic year, goals will be set in terms of where school leaders and teachers wish to take the school forward in terms of improvement. These goals may be set well before the previous school year finished, or they may be established […]

What things should we keep loose or tight in our schools?

With schools being complex organisations, it can feel like school leaders are trying to herd cats at times. As leaders, we seek to exert a degree of control in our schools, so that there is a semblance of order and prevention of organizational chaos. In trying to keep a degree of order in schools, a […]

I should teach it, they should learn it, case closed

I never grow tired of watching the TED talk by Rita Pierson ‘Every Kid Needs a Champion’. It is both inspiring and compelling – it capture the essence of why so many of us want to work with our students. When I first showed this video in a workshop that I was leading, it revealed […]

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