Creating headspace for professional growth and development in schools

Every school I have ever worked in or visited is keen to improve. When school leaders often talk about improvement, they more often than not consider what is needed to help teachers grow and develop. This may be in through the provision of resources to complement the teaching and learning that we wish to see […]

Viewing the problem from ‘my perspective’ – a significant challenge in leading schools

School leaders spend a considerable amount of their time in problem solving mode. There are those problems that leaders create ourselves through their own actions or the change initiatives that they are either leading themselves or requiring of others. Added to this, are those problems that emerge from factors beyond the control of school leaders. […]

Breaking down the ‘Admin’ problem in our schools

How many times have you seen problems schools where teachers say something like, “the ‘Admin’ need to do something about that,” or, “that’s the fault of the ‘Admin’”? Too often and conveniently so, teachers are quick to use the term ‘Admin’, which is not particularly helpful in solving problems and can have a detrimental impact […]

Turning off distractions, being more focused and getting your momentum back

Being a productive and effective school leader requires a positive mindset and the motivation to do our very best each day. I found that over the last 12 months that the mood I was bringing to school each day varied significantly. It was not that I had got bored with my work, quite the contrary; […]

We must make time for clarifying questions and responses

School leaders, regardless of the position held, take on a number of tasks at the same time, so many in fact that the ‘To Do’ list never ends. Leaders are constantly juggling tasks, which may include reacting to situations that have arisen, carrying out tasks to maintain effective function of the school/division/department, or leading and […]

5 necessities to successfully begin building professional learning communities in schools

There is overwhelming evidence in support of developing professional learning communities (PLCs) in schools to improve teacher collaboration that has a positive impact on student learning. Yet, for a number of schools that have embarked on a journey to embed PLCs, the process often stalls or collapses for a variety of reasons, despite good intentions. […]

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