Viewing the problem from ‘my perspective’ – a significant challenge in leading schools

School leaders spend a considerable amount of their time in problem solving mode. There are those problems that leaders create ourselves through their own actions or the change initiatives that they are either leading themselves or requiring of others. Added to this, are those problems that emerge from factors beyond the control of school leaders.... Continue Reading →

5 necessities to successfully begin building professional learning communities in schools

There is overwhelming evidence in support of developing professional learning communities (PLCs) in schools to improve teacher collaboration that has a positive impact on student learning. Yet, for a number of schools that have embarked on a journey to embed PLCs, the process often stalls or collapses for a variety of reasons, despite good intentions.... Continue Reading →

Making the most of collaborative time in schools – Part 1

Teachers being given time to collaborate on matters pertaining to student learning is crucial to improving schools. While elementary / primary schools may often find it easier to schedule collaborative time, in comparison to secondary divisions, owing to the horizontal organisation of teaching teams, teachers still raise not having enough time to collaborate as one... Continue Reading →

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