Putting values first in education

One of my favourite quotes is: “If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itself.” from D.L.Moody. Our character is very much defined by our values and, based on this, we have a responsibility to put values at the forefront of every child’s education. The news that we are fed […]

Towards a ‘Slower Ed’ movement – when to move fast and when to move slow?

School leaders receive many suggestions from other leaders, teachers and support staff for what can be improved in their school. In some instances, people are taking action themselves, often on their own, as they try to ‘fix’ things and make our schools ‘better’. Invariably, despite so many good ideas, intentions and initiatives, schools are oftentimes […]

Is it more important for school leaders to manage change rather than lead it?

There are an overwhelming number of initiatives that schools can invest time in developing in order to improve and change for the better. Some schools may charge full-on into as many initiatives as possible whereas others may take a more cautious approach to change. Whatever course leaders help to plot for their respective schools, there […]

Essential questions that need answering when determining the professional learning that teachers should receive

Where should schools start when determining how they are going to spend their available funds on professional learning for their teachers and who makes such a decision? This question needs to be addressed each and every year as part of a school’s planning cycle, so that it gets the best out of the resources that […]

3 things to consider when designing professional learning in schools

With a wide variety of professional learning opportunities and a certain limit to the funds that schools can spend on teacher learning and professional growth, it is important that school leaders ensure that the available funds are spent wisely on teachers to improve student learning. There are a number of things that leaders need to […]

Why the best laid plans in schools fail – Part 3

Planning school improvement is a time consuming process, it can take months or, in some cases up to a year. Yet despite the time commitment invested and the development of, what we may think, is a carefully constructed plan, there may still be some shortcomings. One flaw that is common to many school improvement / […]

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