Creating headspace for professional growth and development in schools

Every school I have ever worked in or visited is keen to improve. When school leaders often talk about improvement, they more often than not consider what is needed to help teachers grow and develop. This may be in through the provision of resources to complement the teaching and learning that we wish to see […]

Recruiting the ‘Tweeners – why staff induction programs matter

Bringing new teachers and support staff into a school can give the energy boost it needs, or maintain the momentum of positive change that may have been built up over time. This is why induction programs matter so much. Anthony Muhammad in his book, Transforming School Culture, identifies four groups of people within a school, […]

Feedback that pops the bubble – overcoming the deflector shield

One of the obstacles educational leaders face when giving colleagues feedback is deflection. Over the years, through numerous conversations with educators centering on giving and receiving feedback, this issue of deflection often gets in the way of moving forward. Take the following example. Over several weeks a school leader received numerous complaints about the way […]

Are you getting in the way of the feedback you really need to grow?

It is questionable whether teachers and leaders are given regular feedback in order to grow professionally. When teachers work with students feedback is given in most lessons throughout the learning journey. The same does not happen for the adults in the school. We need to change this. When busy, teacher feedback is often the first […]

3 things that most school leadership training does not prepare you for but should

Numerous school leadership courses and programs exist, designed to prepare aspiring leaders, or to further support existing leaders in their roles. Looking closely at these courses there are common themes such a leading innovation and change, establishing strategic direction and developing collaborative teams. It is noticeable, however, that many courses miss some of the key […]

We need web literacy for teachers not just students

  This talk from Alan November got me thinking further to a post that I wrote called: Avoiding “Just Google it!” with your students. One of the points in Alan’s talk refers to the need to explicitly teach web literacy skills to students in schools. Upon reflection, I too am short of some techniques in […]

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