We need web literacy for teachers not just students

  This talk from Alan November got me thinking further to a post that I wrote called: Avoiding “Just Google it!” with your students. One of the points in Alan’s talk refers to the need to explicitly teach web literacy skills to students in schools. Upon reflection, I too am short of some techniques in […]

Self-reflection, perhaps the most important component of teacher evaluation

A variety of teacher evaluation models and methods are used in schools around the world and teacher and school leader attitudes towards them differ considerably. From the teacher perspective, perhaps the greatest concern regarding teacher evaluation systems is their fairness. In some schools teacher evaluation comprises an extensive list of things that the teacher will, […]

4 pieces of feedback that teachers should collect from their students

In another post, I presented a case why teachers should seek feedback from their students. In deciding to seek feedback from students, it is important that it is worthwhile for both the teacher and the student. Firstly, from the student’s perspective, they need to feel comfortable in having a voice in your class and know […]

The 70/20/10 rule and considerations for teacher growth and development

How do we most effectively promote the professional growth of our teachers so that it has a high impact on student learning? While significant efforts are made in so many schools to improve teacher professional growth and learning, I continue to question how can we do this better? Essentially, how can we ensure greater application […]

Professional Learning for Teachers – go find the balance

Teachers may feel that school leaders do not know or understand what they need, while leaders may feel that teachers are not being supportive of the school vision and its priorities, whilst possibly ignoring important areas for improvement. To address this tension, we must work together to find a balance in the interest of putting our students first ahead of our differences.

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