Why we must get away from tick box style teacher evaluations

A large number of schools still continue to use tick box evaluation models that make little difference to the impact a teacher has on teaching and learning in a school. First and foremost, this type of evaluation model has a set of criteria that does not really allow for meaningful, rich, conversation between teacher and […]

How much teacher stress is self-inflicted?

Teacher and school leader workload is an issue that does not go away and receives a significant amount of attention in the media and in educational publications. Efforts have been made in many school communities to improve teacher wellbeing yet the issue of workload does not go away. The issue itself is such a strong […]

4 pieces of feedback that teachers should collect from their students

In another post, I presented a case why teachers should seek feedback from their students. In deciding to seek feedback from students, it is important that it is worthwhile for both the teacher and the student. Firstly, from the student’s perspective, they need to feel comfortable in having a voice in your class and know […]

It’s personal – the barriers to looking at evidence for school improvement

Leading school improvement is very challenging, especially creating the right culture that will support that improvement. Lots of conversations have to be had about what problems need to be addressed and how we should tackle them. Quite often problems focus on education practices that we are not doing in our schools or practices that we […]

Stop being upset when you cannot do it all

I know I worked hard in my last school. We did some great things, made wonderful strides of progress and had some fantastic moments. Nevertheless, one conversation I had made me feel like I had not done enough. That conversation happened one afternoon when I met with the person who was coming to replace me. […]

Five ways teachers can improve student feedback

A lot of evidence has pointed to the significant positive impact of feedback on student learning and performance over the last 10 years. Many schools have placed great emphasis on tackling how teachers give students feedback to ensured that it has the desired effect – improving learning. Feedback is quite an easy aspect of teaching […]

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