It’s personal – the barriers to looking at evidence for school improvement

Leading school improvement is very challenging, especially creating the right culture that will support that improvement. Lots of conversations have to be had about what problems need to be addressed and how we should tackle them. Quite often problems focus on education practices that we are not doing in our schools or practices that we […]

Stop being upset when you cannot do it all

I know I worked hard in my last school. We did some great things, made wonderful strides of progress and had some fantastic moments. Nevertheless, one conversation I had made me feel like I had not done enough. That conversation happened one afternoon when I met with the person who was coming to replace me. […]

Overcoming the obstacles to implementing video feedback for teachers

The use of video is an excellent way to support teacher coaching and improvement. In John Hattie’s meta analysis of factors influencing effective teaching, micro teaching (video recording lessons) was in the top 10 strategies used by teachers that have the biggest impact on student learning. Yet despite this evidence plus better and more affordable […]

Five ways teachers can improve student feedback

A lot of evidence has pointed to the significant positive impact of feedback on student learning and performance over the last 10 years. Many schools have placed great emphasis on tackling how teachers give students feedback to ensured that it has the desired effect – improving learning. Feedback is quite an easy aspect of teaching […]

Clarifying what it means to be a reflective teacher

“All teachers are reflective” is a phrase that I have heard a few times recently when discussing the importance or reflection as part of the school improvement process. When digging deeper into what is meant by this, I have found that in some cases there is a lack of understanding as to what it really […]

Professional growth starts with being a reflective educator

Schools give plenty of thought to the professional learning and development that they wish to provide for their staff. Discussions center on the learning that needed to support both the goals of the school, the changes it wishes to see and, in many cases, the individual needs of the staff. Schools have designed their own […]

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