Vision, communication and trust – 3 vital attributes of great leaders

As Ernest Hemingway once said “The best way to learn if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” Given that all organisations, including schools, grow by learning, then trust has to be the most important aspect of leadership. Healthy schools are full of relationships built on trust and it starts with the leader. Honesty […]

Good leaders address the needs of their team first

In a post some weeks back, I mentioned that “quality conversations between instructional leaders and teacher cannot occur unless the basic needs of teachers are met.” Maslow was really onto something when he came up with his hierarchy of needs. Each employee that we work with has his or her own needs. Each employee comes […]

Professionalism – avoiding double-standards

Last week a colleague and I were asked to lead a workshop that centered on our standards of professionalism in teaching. We decided to title this workshops “What do our values mean?” Of all the workshops that I have facilitated, this was the most daunting. Firstly, I myself have never been in a workshop that […]

What makes a great teacher?

I just stumbled across this blog post about the visual anatomy of a great teacher and it got me thinking back to the first day of my teaching practicum, where my supervisor handed me a list of 10 things about being a great teacher. I no longer have the list but I remember of of […]

Students need teacher heroes and teachers need leader heroes

It has been good to reflect on a keynote from Dr Russell Quaglia about student aspirations. One of key points that I took away was that our students need to have both confidence and belief. This oftentimes comes from the teachers in their lives who inspire students to achieve great things. Many teachers are heroes […]

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