In schools, one mistake can have huge consequences even when it is a tiny fraction of what we do

In our schools we have huge responsibility beyond just focusing on teaching and learning. The level of compliance that schools now have to adhere to, some things for good reason, has placed significant strain on the human resources of a school, namely teachers and school leaders. While governing bodies surrounding education and child welfare have […]

Cover the bases – the need to understand all aspects of our schools

To have a successful school, it requires leaders who are abreast of how everything in a school works. Schools are highly complex places where poor decision-making in one area of the school can have significant impact on another. Schools are complex in that external forces that either mandate or create pressure for change on certain […]

The challenge of being responsible when things may not be your fault

When leaders move to a new school or receive an internal promotion invariably we encounter problems to solve that instantly become our responsibility yet these problems may not be of our own making. As a result, we can be very quickly associated with the problem and needing to solve it. This is a really tough […]

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