Oh no! not another school survey

A large number of schools use teacher surveys for different reasons during a school year. To some teachers on the receiving end, it can feel like there are a lot of surveys to complete. Requests to complete surveys do not solely come from within the school, with education bodies, education researchers and conference and workshop... Continue Reading →

Where to start with creating a strong collaborative teacher culture in schools

Professional sports teams have coaches and they have leaders. Leaders in sports teams do not have to be the coach. All sports teams, however, have a person that must be the coach and a leader. Professional teachers and teaching teams require the same. Schools have a responsibility to provide leaders who are not just instructional coaches but they coach collaboration.

Your school’s culture is defined by what you are willing to accept

I recently watched a documentary about Sir Alex Ferguson, who shared his views on leadership with Harvard Business School undergraduates. There were some wonderful insights on leadership and I would advocate investing their time to watch this production. Much of the conversation centered on how Ferguson shaped the culture of Manchester United. Words such as... Continue Reading →

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