4 concerns with applying education research in schools and how to address them

One of the great concerns of some teachers is school leaders going to conferences. Concerns may be aired as, “what are they [the leader] going to bring back this time for us to do.” Another concern may be of the school leader who likes to read books about education in their summer vacation. Again, concerned […]

You want me to collaborate? I’d much rather engage in parallel play

A school culture that involves a high level of collaboration is viewed as being crucial to supporting student learning and a trademark of a being a successful school. So, why is it that some teachers do not buy-in to collaboration? This is a question that I have considered for many months prior to writing this […]

Professional Learning for Teachers – go find the balance

Teachers may feel that school leaders do not know or understand what they need, while leaders may feel that teachers are not being supportive of the school vision and its priorities, whilst possibly ignoring important areas for improvement. To address this tension, we must work together to find a balance in the interest of putting our students first ahead of our differences.

3 pieces of feedback that school leaders should seek from their teachers

Feedback to support school improvement is essential. School leaders must model the way in being open to feedback, so that teachers begin to see that feedback is valued and, where appropriate, acted upon. Furthermore, if leaders invite feedback, then asking teachers to seek feedback from their students becomes a more reasonable request to make. Some […]

I should teach it, they should learn it, case closed

I never grow tired of watching the TED talk by Rita Pierson ‘Every Kid Needs a Champion’. It is both inspiring and compelling – it capture the essence of why so many of us want to work with our students. When I first showed this video in a workshop that I was leading, it revealed […]

To change school culture – tackle the hard stuff

There are a lot of so-called good schools but how many of them are really great schools and really typify the type of learning and success that we wish to see for our students? How much of what goes on in your school is as much by chance than by design? How much better do […]

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