The importance of connecting feedback to student well being

Feedback is a vital part of supporting student learning, so important that we need to be acutely aware that our feedback can be damaging to students if we get it wrong. At times our feedback to students is not always about improving their work, it can often be about just getting the work completed or […]

Three things that High School students need from their teachers

We know that the final years of secondary schooling can be very stressful for students. Many are striving for the grades they require to get into college / university, some students are struggling just to pass and others are trying to find a reason to stay in school and complete their education. The stress level […]

So, what did you learn in the last school year?

As many schools, in the northern hemisphere anyway, begin to prepare for a new school year, much discussion is given to planning and setting goals to be achieved. Significant time is spent in team meetings, energised by having had a break and enthused about what we can do to make our schools better this coming […]

Make sure that you invest in your school’s support staff

In my early days in school leadership, I co-led the organisation of a school Open Day. This was no easy task and required significant assistance from many of the support staff in our school. While we put on a very successful event, a discussion with my Principal afterwards brought up a perception from some of […]

Distributed leadership in schools is not delegated. So, what is it?

The term distributed leadership gets used a lot in education circles. Unfortunately, in my experience the term is grossly misunderstood and used incorrectly. All too often, when I hear some school leaders talk about distributed leadership they are confusing it with delegation, and delegation it certainly is not. The rise of the distributed leadership movement […]

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