Teachers criticizing colleagues in online environments – how should we respond?

It happens. Frustration regarding a particular issue in a school or between colleagues spills over into open criticism in an online environment. This can lead to significant distress to members of that school community who are on the receiving end of that criticism. The fault-finding voice may choose to remain anonymous or they may choose […]

You can’t lead where you won’t go

I refer back to the article, Improving Relationships in the Schoolhouse, quite often when considering the work we need to do as school leaders. The article, by Roland Barth, serves a constant reminder that the our biggest challenge as school leaders is to bring out the “nondiscussables” if we wish to see healthy collaborative cultures […]

Leading with Empathy in Schools

One of the things I encourage teachers to do when they consider the impact of their actions on student learning is to look at themselves through the eyes of the student. This can make all the difference in changing practice and improving learning outcomes for students. In many ways, it is part of a shift […]

It’s personal – the barriers to looking at evidence for school improvement

Leading school improvement is very challenging, especially creating the right culture that will support that improvement. Lots of conversations have to be had about what problems need to be addressed and how we should tackle them. Quite often problems focus on education practices that we are not doing in our schools or practices that we […]

Leading with sustainability in mind

Here’s an interesting question. As an educational leader, if you were to be away from your school for one day, a few days, a week, a month, or longer, how would your school cope? Perhaps we consider the shorter periods of absence and make plans just before we leave for a conference or other school […]

Does learning in your school take place more by design or chance?

This notion of careful curriculum design and planning is something that I believe is vital to improving student learning in a school. This is particularly true given teacher differences with a school and between schools. In the context of this post, learning by ‘chance’ is to mean that learning happens completely randomly; it will largely […]

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