Towards a ‘Slower Ed’ movement – when to move fast and when to move slow?

School leaders receive many suggestions from other leaders, teachers and support staff for what can be improved in their school. In some instances, people are taking action themselves, often on their own, as they try to ‘fix’ things and make our schools ‘better’. Invariably, despite so many good ideas, intentions and initiatives, schools are oftentimes […]

Feedback that pops the bubble – overcoming the deflector shield

One of the obstacles educational leaders face when giving colleagues feedback is deflection. Over the years, through numerous conversations with educators centering on giving and receiving feedback, this issue of deflection often gets in the way of moving forward. Take the following example. Over several weeks a school leader received numerous complaints about the way […]

The battle to find time in schools – we need to consider teacher efficacy

Teacher and school leader workload issues very much stem from the fact that there is not enough time to do the job properly. Some time back I commented on two ways that leaders can support teachers with workload issues, as to a large extent school leaders must take the initiative and lead in providing teachers […]

We do not need protocols, we’re adults

A great deal is written about how to run an effective meeting. Much of the literature points to having essential agreements between the team members in order to effectively facilitate the meeting. In other words, meeting protocols. The National School Reform Faculty sum up why we should have protocols; essentially to create the conditions necessary […]

The Bank Balance and Staff Morale

With schools being busy and it feeling like the only constant is change, educational leaders, are always finding that they are making many requests of teachers and support staff. While many of the changes in schools are externally driven there are also many internally directed changes that add to everyone’s workload. Leaders need to be […]

Three simple tips to improve relationships in your school

One of my favourite educational articles is titled ‘Improving Relationships in the Schoolhouse’ by Roland Barth. I find I am constantly referring back to Barth’s words when coaching school leaders and trying to improve school culture. Barth categorizes staff relationships in schools broadly but quite neatly and points us in the direction of striving for […]

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