Difficult conversations when to hold them and when to fold them?

As a school leader, solving problems, moving initiatives forward and supporting colleagues requires difficult conversations from time to time. Reflecting further, depending on how much is going on in our respective school environments, it can appear at times the a number of difficult conversations are necessary in a short period of time. Without a doubt, […]

What can happen when school leaders commit to courageous decisions and feedback?

What will happen? How will they react? How will I be viewed? These are some of the questions that will go through the minds of school leaders when faced with making courageous decisions, or engaging in difficult conversations where feedback needs to be given to a colleague. There is a genuine sense of fear, which […]

7 tips for having that difficult teacher conversation?

Schools, despite being the most wonderful places to work,  can also be frustrating and painful places to be at times. School leaders are charged with the responsibility of instilling the highest level of professionalism in their colleagues. Unfortunately, it is a undeniable fact that some teachers do a better job than others. The differences that […]

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