Supporting students with learning core transferable academic skills

  When observing classes in high schools, it is possible to see two extremes of teacher support. Firstly, there is complete hand-holding or, as some teachers would like to say, spoon feeding, with the teacher doing most of the work. Secondly, at the opposite end of the spectrum we have some teachers who provide little […]

10 ways for leaders to build trust in schools

Trust and trust-building qualities frequently top polls and surveys that attempt to show the most important qualities of a leader. A 2016 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey places trust as the second most important quality of an effective leader while a PewResearch Center survey shows honesty to be most important. More recently in the run […]

Where to start with creating a strong collaborative teacher culture in schools

Professional sports teams have coaches and they have leaders. Leaders in sports teams do not have to be the coach. All sports teams, however, have a person that must be the coach and a leader. Professional teachers and teaching teams require the same. Schools have a responsibility to provide leaders who are not just instructional coaches but they coach collaboration.

Make sure we treat teachers as they wish to be treated

At a very young age, I held close the saying “treat others in the same way that you would like to be treated.” It was not until recently that I realized the limitation of this statement. Leading with this in mind, we may not fully recognize the individual differences of our colleagues. If we were […]

The importance of school values in the decision-making process

Many schools, along with their mission and vision statements, have a set of core values. It is vital that if a school decides to have core values, they become embedded in what the school does. More often than not, these core values refer to the behaviours or personal attributes that an organisation wishes its members […]

Embracing diversity in teaching teams

Working productively in teaching teams can be so rewarding yet so frustrating. When we all get on the same page, we can begin to really enjoy what we do and we can believe that we are progressing in a way that has a high impact on student learning. Subsequently, when a member of the team […]

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