3 ways to address email frustration in schools

Email is a great, convenient way to communicate. In many ways it can be exciting, similar to how we used to wait for the postman to deliver us that special letter that we had been waiting for. While there are similarities, there are a whole lot of frustrations around email to the point that some […]

Are parent behaviours with their use of technology having an impact on their child’s development?

I recently attended a very intriguing keynote presentation from Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair titled: Lost in Connection: How The Tech Effect Puts Children’s Development at Risk I was preparing to listen to more information about how children are using technology and the negative effect of this on their development. Certainly, this would fit with some of […]

5 things I learned about Twitter chats for educators

I finally did it, having spent 18 months using Twitter regularly to support my professional learning, sharing ideas and resources with fellow educators, I participated in a Twitter chat. Having seen these chats advertised by some of the wonderful educators in my professional learning network, getting a sense of what they are and the possible […]

Overcoming the obstacles to implementing video feedback for teachers

The use of video is an excellent way to support teacher coaching and improvement. In John Hattie’s meta analysis of factors influencing effective teaching, micro teaching (video recording lessons) was in the top 10 strategies used by teachers that have the biggest impact on student learning. Yet despite this evidence plus better and more affordable […]

Three simple ways to help teachers be more productive with technology

Most teachers that I meet want to incorporate technology to support and enhance student learning. One conversation particularly stuck in my mind when the teacher said: “Yes, I would like to have my students be more creative with technology, I only wish I knew how to use it [technology] better myself.” A number of teachers […]

Getting the most out of your school’s technology coach

Many schools employ technology coaches / integrators, though the role they undertake is wide-ranging and differs greatly from school to school. Like many new positions that are created in schools the role evolves as the landscape shifts, particularly with the rapid development of new and different technologies. While this can be difficult to plan for […]

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