Leading change – what are your hopes and fears?

A challenging part of leading change is overcoming inertia and resistance that may prevent the change from going anywhere and a retaining of the status quo. Sometimes change agents are surprised when tension develops and people do not wish to go with the desired flow or direction. It takes an investment of time from the […]

Does our use of possessive adjectives in schools make us less collaborative?

You have heard the saying before: “There is no ‘I’ in team but there is ‘M’ and ‘E’.” I often observe interactions between leaders in schools and teachers. I watch the body language and I listen to the words used and the tone in which they are spoken. The relationship between school leaders and teachers […]

A fire-fighting approach to solving problems in schools

ed to Tackling issues and problems in schools is an endless task, so much so that if leaders are not careful, it can completely drain you of your energy. A lot of problems in schools are highly complex in nature and take significant amounts of time to figure out and work through. As we begin […]

Opening doors for students to decide what they learn about in your classroom

Finding our passion and what we are genuinely interested in is not easy. During my days at school, I received very little choice in the education that I was given. Beyond having the choice to study different subjects in Grades 9 to 12, all my school friends and I pretty much had the same education. […]

The 70/20/10 rule and considerations for teacher growth and development

How do we most effectively promote the professional growth of our teachers so that it has a high impact on student learning? While significant efforts are made in so many schools to improve teacher professional growth and learning, I continue to question how can we do this better? Essentially, how can we ensure greater application […]

3 ways to address email frustration in schools

Email is a great, convenient way to communicate. In many ways it can be exciting, similar to how we used to wait for the postman to deliver us that special letter that we had been waiting for. While there are similarities, there are a whole lot of frustrations around email to the point that some […]

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